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Whether you need an expert to look over your tax forms or you're starting from scratch, we're here to help. Services available Online and In-Person.

  • Tax Preparation

    We are dedicated to our clients. Specializing in Tax accounting, compliance, and debt resolution services. We are an ally working to promote our clients' best interests.  We are prepared to handle your most complex tax matters.

  • Non-Profit Accounting

    Accounting Process Management and Form 990 Preparation

    We are dedicated to our clients. Specializing in tax-exempt compliance and accounting. Developing processes that improve and maintain account reporting systems aligned with industry standards.

    Jackson Elite partners with our clients to achieve the accountability and transparency that donors rely upon. From annual tax filings to ongoing account management and financial statement presentation, we are prepared to handle your ongoing tax and accounting needs.

  • Business Accounting

    Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

    We offer bookkeeping services for an array of businesses in industry and size. Contact us to learn more about our business solutions.

  • Consultations Tax Planning, Business Start-up and Organization

    Thinking of starting a business, selling your home, or taking money from retirement? Unsure of the tax implications? Jackson Elite can help. Book your Stratgey Session Today.

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  • Personal Tax Return Preparation

    Forms 1040, 1041, SCH C, SCH E

    Priced per return based on schedules and complexity

    Even as tax experts, we know how much people dread tax season. There's no way around it and it must be done, but what if there was an easier way to do your taxes? Instead of crunching numbers and sorting receipts bring your financial statements to us and we'll take care of it! We have years of experience helping individuals prepare and file their taxes. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you have a plan to meet your tax obligations and that your returns are prepared accurately and in a timely manner.

  • Business Tax Return Preparation

    Forms 1065, 1120S, 1120

    Priced per return based on complexity and schedules

    Let's face it: Nobody likes doing their taxes. While taxes seem complicated for individuals, when tax time rolls around for small businesses, the headaches and frustration increase! Let us work year round to eliminate your tax-related stress. Bring us your income statements, balance sheets, and other financial documents and we'll prepare your taxes to file with the IRS. When you work with Jackson Elite Tax & Consulting you can trust our process and check every detail to ensure your return is accurate and complete.

  • Tax Planning

    Estimate Income and Tax Liabilty or discuss specific tax planning strategies

    1/2 Hour or Hourly Sessions
    (June -December)

    There's more to taxes than filling out the forms and mailing them into the IRS. If you follow the right strategy, you can reduce your tax burden significantly and keep more of your earnings! Our seasoned tax-planning experts have years of experience helping businesses of all sizes and individuals from various backgrounds anticipate their taxes and implement a plan to maximize financial goals! We'll work with you to formulate the winning strategy for your situation. Get in touch with us today if you'd like to learn more about how we can help.

  • Tax Resolution

    Notice Resolution, Payment Plans, IRS Audit Support


    Running into problems with the IRS? We know how stressful this situation can be. You didn't mean to do anything wrong, but now the IRS is threatening legal action. Come to us and we'll review past returns and financial statements to find what wrong. We'll work with the IRS to provide a resolution that works for you.

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